X Designs- What will this blog be all about?

Computer engineer at work

Who knows what this blog will end up being? Will it be about technology in the area I work? Knowing me, not one bit. It will be about whatever I think will help SMB’s with their business as the whole person and team. So you might catch a post about nutrition, cars, religion, or even movies.

Let’s talk about X Designs.

On the homepage there is a little about why, and how X Designs started up. Upon retiring from the military I knew I didn’t want a 9-5 or to work for anyone for at least the first 2 years from retirement. How the heck was I going to do this. I didn’t know the real nitty gritty of the online marketing world. A video by Prince EA always stuck with me. See it below.

So I knew this would not happen to me. That video for months was dang near a daily mantra of mines. Burying deep into my conscious. How would I pull it off though? While in the Navy I started up some of my commands (duty stations) social media pages and even unofficial websites, but now to charge people? What would I say when they ask me for references and such? Instead of debating all these questions, I told myself, screw it, just try it out and see how it goes. So well I did and here I am today. Haven’t broken 7 figures yet. No Lambo yet. No house in the Hamptons yet.

No Lambo yet. No house in the Hamptons yet.

Google is your best friend and don’t let anyone tell you different. ANYONE. Don’t use Bing, Yahoo, or whatever other search engine until you use Google. At the time I just Googled, how do small businesses start out online. The answer that came up most of the time was via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and some others. So the next logical thing to do was to learn why and then how to leverage them. That literally took months of watching videos, reading articles from all over and just talking to business owners when I would meet them out and about.

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