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Everything you will need to ensure your business’s success

Using the latest in technologies, we use the most responsive and modern websites to ensure your visitors have a great experience when visiting your site.

What are your reviews looking like across the web?  If it’s not being automated lets fix that.


You would like to teach others outside of your community for a further reach.  We have the tools to ensure it will be a smooth process.


How do you get customers outside of my immediate area to see my services or products?  We use the latest innovative methods to make this happen.

Business Consultation

Just starting out?  Been in business for a few years and want to enter the e-commerce world.  We are here to ensure you do quick and proficient.

Conferences & fairs

Engaging online conferences and fairs to further your reach to your market or those interested. 

online conferences and events

All these features during one event

Vendor booths

Main Stage

speed networking

Frequently Asked Questions

We use WordPress as the frameworks.  Astra theme and Elementor page builder on a VPS server.  And various plugins depending on your sites needs.  All premium quality elements.

Many small business owners don’t even know what branding is other than a logo, and when growth happens, they spend large sums of money to get their branding correct.  We try to minimize that if you are at that stage and if not, will minimize it from happening.

No, we don’t, and we won’t as we offer iron glad guarantees on ALL of our services.

100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get results in 90 days from delivery of services rendered.

Every business I work with I treat as though it’s mines.  And I sure as hell don’t want to see my business fail.

I use good ole fashioned in-house research.

We are finally publicly launching to the public.  Before it was a word of mouth and referrals, which it still it 75%.

About X Designs

I started this digital journey as a side project a few years ago while in the military for various duty stations.  The Navy gave me many opportunities to implement various methods of E-marketing to off duty programs at various commands (installations).  While I was learning what it would take to start, run and grow a business online, I passed on my knowledge to other service members.  Many of them after taking my advice and see their businesses grow encouraged me to go into business for myself helping others to do the same.  This was in 2016.  I started but wasn’t charging anyone as I still wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to do this upon retirement from the Navy.  Also, had a friend I met via social media app Loop who sort of in his weird way  “encouraged” me to go the business route no matter what, or that was my takeaway from our crazy conversations when they were serious.

We only take private clients, by cold outreach and word of mouth, so no marketing for us yet…….

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